Why hire a real estate photographer?

Real Estate photography seemingly provides a consistent stream of work, as people are buying and selling homes all the time. Some times, and seasons, are busier than others but by and large there are always properties on the market for sale. Many properties are extraordinarily beautiful too, and provide a creative outlet for photographers in the real estate market to truly hone their craft. But these days when everybody seems to have multi-megapixel cameras in their cell phones, why do real estate agents ever consider hiring a photographer? Why?


Realtors are busy people. Really successful realtors are especially busy people. Time is a valuable resource that ultimately leads to closings, and other tasks (like photography) should be delegated to others to support a realtor’s business. That net time savings can then be focused on moving each property listing closer and closer to a sale.

At the end of the day, a real estate agent has only one goal and one reason to purchase photography services: to sell property. Agents and photographers also have a common goal: to please their clients who are selling property.

Make an agent’s life easier

This can be as simple as showing up at a property a few minutes early to arrive before the agent does. As the photographer, be prepared with a general shot list and set up to start shooting as soon as possible after the agent arrives – maybe even earlier with exterior shots and thus save valuable time. In the event that you have access to a home via lockbox, be sure than any lights that you turned on for your photography work are turned off before you leave.

Your agent needs photos for the property as soon as possible. Making her life easier means turning around any post workflow as quickly as possible so you can to deliver what your agent needs in a timely manner.

Deliver great value

Under promise, and over deliver. This means delivering more for their money, bundling packages suited to their needs, and tailoring your offering to best fit the kind of property being listed. In other words, have your agent’s best interests in mind, and most importantly their clients.

Being able to work with others on a personal level, understanding what a realtor’s needs are, delivering on time, and satisfying clients’ needs all build value. By providing beautiful, professionally done photographs that highlight the best characteristics, a home will typically sell at higher prices and up to 50% faster than properties that do not.

Why, you ask?

Because professional photography can:

  • help sell at a higher price
  • sell faster
  • save an agent’s time
  • make an agent’s life easier
  • deliver great value

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