A good home for a dog

Times are tough

We are living in tough economic times. For some families hardest hit by the effects of the pandemic, this means job loss. For some, it can mean losing their home. There are some families who have had to make the heart-breaking decision to surrender the family pet. The emotions involved are intense.

Consequently, there are many dogs and cats available for adoption. If you are blessed with financial stability, if you are upgrading your home to one with more room, and if you have children who would love to have a pet … please consider adoption. There are pet companions with unconditional love just waiting to be paired with a loving family.

A family decision

Decide as a family. Everyone in the household needs to meet with available pets that appeal to you. Spend some time together, and if you already have another pet be sure to bring them along to a meet and greet! A new animal coming into a home is a stranger to the pet(s) you may already have, so it is important that they are compatible from day one.

Are you at least curious? Check out the animals currently available at SPCA Cincinnati in Sharonville.

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